Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

On a very exciting evening Room three got ready to go to the Kids for Kids Concert in Manukau.

The first song that we sang was muppet the show theme. Then we sang happy days, it was a  very cool song.

Our parents were cheering for us. I saw my Mum in the crowd, she was cheering really hard for me, I smiled. I was really happy then it was halftime and we had a break. Our snack from Miss G was a biscuit and a freddo frog chocolate, it was yummy together. A while after we went back on the stage and the curtains opened while the parents started cheering for us. A slide show went on, it was about World Vision. It was talking about the poor people and we were singing for the poor people. After that we sang some more songs.

My favourite was the sister act medley because it was a gospel song. When the song finished it was almost over I was happy but I was sweating.

Finally it was finished, we lined up to go through this door. I found my Mum, she was waiting for me in the foyer. We went in the car and when we got home my uncle joe gave me $20, I said thank you and got inside the house and got my p.j’s on and went to bed.

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