Friday, June 29, 2012

Imagination Story

One beautiful day my parents told me to dig a hole in the back yard. Once it was done a  second later I felt a crack in the ground. I was very scared and then boom! I fell down a big, big hole. It was like a water slide without the water.

When I landed, I looked around, it was cool. I looked one more time and there were no houses and no trees. I said “anyone here?” I said one more time “anyone here?” and kept on walking, it was a long walk. Until I saw a big hole I stepped on something and I accidently slipped into it and it was scary. I landed on some  trifle, I looked around and I was shocked when I saw everything. I saw lots of houses  made of candy, there were trees that were made of candy even the food that the people eat was candy. I thought “yay, I get to eat lollies all day”. When I looked at the people they looked the same as human people but they wore lollies for clothes which looked pretty weird.

I saw a shadow coming up to me, it was a snow fairy I was really, really shocked when I saw her and it started to rain jellybeans. I said “mmm” as the jellybeans fell out of the sky. Then it gave me a present it was a baby dove in a pink box with a black ribbon then the snow fairy said “close your eyes and when you get home tell your parents to buy a bird cage for the dove and in three days you may be rich.”

I closed my eyes really hard then I opened my eyes and I was in my bedroom. I said “that was crazy” then my Mum came in the room and said “what happened in here?” and I said “I was in a weird world” but
she didn't believe me.

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Ierei said...

Nice aurora you have a good imagination! And good drawing aurora you are getting better!

bezt friendz Ierei

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