Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Holiday In Fiji

On an exciting day my Mum and I went to the airport because I was going to Fiji. It was only my Dad’s mum and I that were going. The plane was called Air Pacific Fiji, it was as big as the Air New Zealand plane.

We arrived at 8 o’clock and we went to sleep at 10 o’clock. They had mosquito nets and I still had itchy bites that were really itchy. I scratched and scratched but they were really itchy.

It was Saturday and we went on a really small plane, it was really fun and it only took 5 minutes to get to Savusavu. When we got there I tried to unblock my ears but they wouldn't unblock. To get to the house you had to walk up a big hill and it had really big rocks.

On Sunday it was Mother’s Day so we went to Church and the ladies did some play and they were really funny. After Church we went home and we had to go through muddy slides, they didn’t have any stairs because the flood took it away. When I was walking I almost slipped over so my Papa pulled me up. For lunch we had rice mixed with coconut sauce and sugar.

The next day on a sunny morning I went swimming in the sea with my cousins. We went on the really deep side, I got on a bamboo raft, it was funny because I kept on falling over. Soon we had to go home, we lived in a village called Nagigi it is a really small village and you had to do lots of work at home.

The next day it was sunny again so I went swimming with my cousin’s. One of my cousin’s names was Filo and the other was Lucy. When we went back home we had lunch, we had corned beef and spaghetti, I had two plates of corned beef and spaghetti.

After two weeks we came back from the island and we went back on the plane to New Zealand, I was so happy to see my mum's face. Once I saw my mum's face I ran as fast as I could. When we went home we had kebab for lunch.  I loved my trip and hope to go back again one day.

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