Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wedding Shopping

Sunday the 11th of October was the last day of the school holidays and the day that I went wedding shopping with the bride and my mum.

Before we left we had a divine breakfast then we left for our journey. Firstly we drove all the way to Takanini to pick up heart shaped soaps for the guest that are coming to the wedding. After picking up the 180 soaps, we stored them back at my aunt's house. Later on in the afternoon we decided to go visit my cousin Caroline. When we got to her house I stayed in the car while my mum and my aunty talked for almost 4 hours. When they finished their ‘little get-together’, we headed back home for dinner. We had Curry and Roti with a few sauces as dip. Soon after the big dinner we decided to watch Big Hero Six because my mum kept on nagging us to watch it and so we did.

When the movie finished My mum and I agreed to go back home to our family so we folded our blankets and placed them in the boot of the car. When we got home I went in the shower straight away, after freshening up a bit, it was 10 o’clock and time to get ready for bed.

After a long day I went to get some rest for school the next day.  

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