Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Under Water World

Jelly FishIMG_0513.JPG
Shark JawIMG_0744.JPG
Shark TunnelIMG_0672.JPG
My trip to Kelly Tarltons was phenomenal. I was very interested in all the Sea creatures, especially the Sea Turtle because they just glided through the water and it just looked so majestic.

When we arrived at our destination, the whole school got into 1 line and entered the underwater world, we descended down the stairs. Our first stop was at the Penguins, the Penguins were very adorable and most of them looked like they were sleeping. When we finished with the Penguins we all arrived in a place were it had a Giant Squid which had its brain on the side of it, it looked pretty disgusting. It also had some beautiful Jelly Fish, some were glow in the dark and some were just clear. After examining those creatures the next thing so happened to be Stingrays and Hapuka Fish swimming in a large tank. While we were there we all decided to have Morning Tea. After having a snack the host came out and she started informing us about how Stingrays live and what they eat, she also said that the two Stingrays were girls and they all have the same names which is Phoebe.
When we were done exploring the Stingrays world we headed towards the sharks habitat which was a walkway tunnel. We went around two times non-stop because we were waiting for Mrs Tui. When she finally arrived we climbed the steps and saw a lot of small tanks, one had Eels, another had lobsters, and the last one had a sleeping octopus. When we finished exploring we went into the Seahorse Kingdom, we examined the Seahorses especially the Spiny Sea Dragon.
Finally we went to the “School Room” were we had to watch this girl present a presentation about Pollution in the Sea. I was dumbfounded about what she was talking about and I didn’t know that we were doing that stuff too the Sea Creatures.
After a long week of excitement, that trip was definitely worth waiting for and I’m glad the school took us there.

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