Tuesday, March 31, 2015


At 8:55 we started walking to Pt England beach to be part of the welcome the navigators and the “HOKULEA”. I was so fierce that while we were walking I was about to walk home “because we were on the street that actually goes to my house, while we were walking Ierei and I was talking and Talking all the way to the beach. When we got to the beach I was surprised that everybody was already there waiting for us but at least the canoe hadn't arrived yet so that was good. We welcomed them with the 3 wiata’s we practiced for 2 weeks. ( E Oho, Nga Waka Kupu and He Honore) We stood up and sang and while I was singing my throat got a little sore, after we we finished singing the navigators sang their songs and said some speeches. Suddenly each school one at a time went to shake hands with the navigators and after that we started walking back to school. Then Mr Gaffney ran up to us while we were walking and said there is an extra bus and Ierei and I thought it like a miracle that we got that bus. So we walked over to the bus and Room 1 was in there so we were like “OH great” but it was okay because they weren't annoying it was the Room 6 people that were being so noisy. When we got back to school we all thought there was going to be a surprise morning tea like Mr Coakley said but “Oh Know we didn't so I was so angry again because I only brang a sandwich to school, finally school ended and I went to G.I.
# My Home Town

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