Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lezabelle's Holiday

I am about to tell you about Lezabelle’s Holiday

Lezabelle went to the movies 2x to watch Despicable Me 2
and Monsters Ink university.She also hand her cousin’s Justin,  
Anita and Ezra they are brother and sister’s except for Ezra.
Lezabelle went to her cousin’s house for a family meeting she went to bowling and lazer tag too then she went to Burger King for dinner it was yum she said. The next day she went to the airport to pick up her nana and when she got home she played taken and she watch scary movies.

Her highlight for her school holiday was when she went bowling and lazer tag because she bate her dad at bowling and almost bate her family at lazer tag.

Her lowlight was when she looked after her cousin’s and getting told off by her mum she hated that because it was boring looking after her cousin and because she was scared when she got told off.

Her dream holiday is to go to Tahiti and travel the Islands and go to a concert and get a puppy.

I hope you liked what I wrote

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