Friday, May 10, 2013

Mum Description

My mum is short and she has light brown eyes and she has brownish gold hair and it looks very beautiful. My mum is a Cook Islander and a Scottish lady.

My mum works for the government and helps people get jobs.
My mum also wears glasses. She also grew up and was born in the Cook Islands.  

My mum likes going to the movies. She also loves food and likes sleeping and loves ice cream.The thing that my mum really loves is my family that is the most thing that she loves.

The things that my mum doesn’t like are swearing and she does not like being without her family. She definitely doesn't like a dirty house.
My mum really hate lies because every lie leads up to another thats why she hates lies. My mum really hates fleas and when she sees one she always tries to kill it.

The things that my mum does for me are very cool because she takes me shopping and she gives me medicine when I’m sick. She does my nails for me. She buys me food when I get hungry and she washes my clothes. My mum also takes me to the movies, mostly on my birthday.

I love my mum because she is my mum. I love my mum, she is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. I also love my mum because
she listens to me when I am sad and that is why I love her.

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Ramonadel said...

That is wonderful aurora it was touching. And everyone loves their family keep it up :)

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