Monday, August 13, 2012

My Netbook Description

My netbook is really helpful because it helps me learn better. I can carry my netbook when I’m going home or even when I’m going to school, I also learn new things. My netbook looks like a mini laptop and it is black, it also feels rough. My netbook sounds like a shushing sound and the most important thing about my netbook to me is that I love it.

When you use a Netbook you can work on it and it helps you learn new things, it gives access for you to go on to the internet. It also helps you with your learning and it gives you information.

You use your Netbook to help you get into the internet easily and it’s a learning tool and you use it carefully. You also have to respect it.

We are some of the first people in New Zealand to use Netbooks for our learning and it is special to me because it is the thing that helps me do things.

When you use your Netbook you have to be responsible for it and look after it.

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