Monday, May 7, 2012


Wow! on a beautiful day room 3 played basketball and the coaches name was Bruce. When we got in the court it was exciting and when coach Bruce came in the court everyone was like I know him from T.V.

First we did dribbling relay racers and the Lakers always won instead of the other teams and the other teams were angry. When I saw Bruce I was the only one that didn’t know him, I thought he was American because he sounded like it.

When the session was over everyone wanted to play more but Miss G said we had to go to class. I wanted to play more too but I wanted to go home and sleep as I was so tired.



Fiona Grant said...

Hi Aurora, it has certainly been wonderful weather for sport activities outside. Thanks for including the video in your post, some of your class mates are very good at dribbling the ball. Did you learn any specific techniques for dribbling a ball quickly?

Deandra said...

Hi Aurora, I loved your interesting article you have written about your basket ball session with your coach Bruce.I hope you had a great time playing basket ball that day.

ofa said...

Hey Aurora, it looks like you are having a lot of fun with your coach. I hope that you enjoyed and had a lot of fun playing basketball on that day. I also hope that you post up more of your video clips on your blog about the activities that you do at your school.

Your sincerely Ofa pita.

Chantelle said...

Hi Aurora

your story is amazing about basketball
who is your favourite basketball player?

From Chantelle

Mosese said...

Hi my name is Mosese and i like your groovy writing nd your amazing video and great work and brilliant keep

Aletheia Fifita said...
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